Covert Spy Cameras and Transmitters


Miniature pinhole spy camera
These basic board cameras are some of the smallest in the world. They Measure just 32 X 32mm in size and come 
fitted with a pinhole lens to enable the camera to be concealed almost anywhere and 
be viewed through a hole the size of a pen nib. They are powered by 12 volts D.C. and can 
connect directly to any ordinary video recorder, television, monitor or used with our 
video transmitter illustrated below. These cameras are 420 line in resolution and
 produce excellent clarity.
PRICE: Black & White 59.00 $98.00 / Colour 185.00 $295.00


Professional miniature spy camera
This miniature spy camera is the smallest in the world and is of extremely high resolution.
It measures just 25 X 25mm, is fitted with a pinhole lens and produces an excellent quality
picture. It is powered by 12 volts D.C. and can connect to any ordinary video recorder,
television or monitor or can be used with our video transmitter illustrated below.
PRICE: Black & White 69.00 $110.00 / Colour 250.00 $395.00


Button camera
This is a unique device for covert surveillance. A standard button attached to the
lens of a camera and practically invisible to the normal eye. Fitting is very simple
for any type of jacket or coat and the camera comes with 10 spare identical
buttons which can be used if required. The camera has audio and leads to
connect to any VCR or transmitter. Perfect for body worn applications or can be
used unattended.
PRICE: Black & White 135.00 $215.00 / Colour 295.00 $470.00


Video pen
This incredible state of the art video pen is an invaluable aid in obtaining covert video recordings.
Completely inconspicuous to the human eye even under close examination, it can be left in a top
pocket and connected to our walkman video recorder or our transmitter and receiver set to
capture high resolution recordings and audio.
PRICE: 495.00 $795.00


Digital wristwatch camera
This recently introduced addition is a wristwatch camera that is capable of
discreetly taking and storing 100 digital photographs. It can be worn and used as
an ordinary watch or easily used as a camera. The images are 14,400 pixels in
 black & white and can be easily transferred to a computer via the infra red link
  as illustrated above. Software and all necessary driver programs are included as
 well. Features include: normal or two image mode recording, 100 picture image
memory, text on photo if required and the watch is water resistant.
PRICE: 345.00 / $555.00


Smoke detector concealing a hidden camera
This is a fully functional smoke alarm concealing a high quality hidden video camera. It can
be fitted in the usual way and is totally discreet. It is powered by 12 volts D.C. and can be
connected to any ordinary video recorder, television or monitor or used with our video
transmitter and receiver.
PRICE: 115.00 / $189.00


Wireless Camera and Receiver Kit
This is the latest high quality transmitting camera kit.The camera has sound and is sees in total darkness. It then
transmitts back to it's receiver upto 100 metres away. It is powered by 12 volts D.C. and the receiver can be
connected to any ordinary video recorder, television or monitor. All connecting cables from the receiver to a video are provided.
Both power supplies for the camera/transmitter and receiver and mounting bracket are also included.
PRICE:B/W 295.00 / $414.00 Colour 345 / $485.00


Clock with hidden camera
This is an ordinary wall clock that has concealed, a hidden video camera. Inconspicuous
to the human eye, it will capture crystal clear video pictures and can connect to any ordinary
video recorder, television or monitor, or used with our video transmitter and receiver.
PRICE: 115.00 / $189.00


Tie concealing hidden camera
This is our latest tie concealing a hidden video camera. It is inconspicuous to the
eye and can be used with our mini Sony Walkman video recorder or used with our
transmitter and receiver system for high quality recordings.
PRICE: Black & White 165.00 $259.00 / Colour 265.00 $395.00


Miniature video camera transmitter
This is our miniature transmitter. The camera simply connects to the transmitter which is
also powered by a 12 volt D.C. supply either battery or by a mains adaptor. The receiver
below is then connected to a recorder/monitor to receive crystal clear video recordings.
It's small size of only 45 X 45mm makes concealment easy and will transmit up to a distance
of 500 metres away.
PRICE: 175.00 / $245.00


High powered video camera transmitter
This is our high powered version of the transmitter above. It
 transmits a powerful 1 watt of power, 10 times more powerful
than the miniature transmitter and is capable of distances of up 
to 1 mile and still remains small in size measuring just

   80 X 50 X 70mm approx.

PRICE: 645.00 / $1,035.00


Video camera receiver
This is the receiver used with the transmitter above. It is powered by 12 volts
and comes with all the leads required to connect to an ordinary video recorder,
television or monitor. It has 5 channels and so it can be used with up to 5 transmitters
on different frequencies.
PRICE: 176.00 / $283.00


Transmitting clock radio camera and audio
For covert monitoring within a bedroom situation, our Sony
clock radio is ideal. Concealed within the unit is a high resolution
colour camera, microphone and transmitter. When used with the video
receiver above, it will transmit crystal clear video recordings and audio.
It is powered by mains and reveals nothing unusual when inspected.
PRICE: 395.00 / $635.00


Mobile phone with colour camera and transmitter
This is a normal mobile telephone concealing a hidden camera, microphone and transmitter.
Inconspicuous to the human eye, it can be left anywhere and will transmit crystal clear
colour video pictures with audio to the receiver above. It is powered by a pp3 
battery battery readily available and lasts up to 15 hours.
PRICE: 395.00 / $658.00


Sony Digital mini video recorder

This is Sony's latest addition to there range of miniature video recorders. This model does not have a screen making the overhaul size small, very light weight and ideal for body worn applications. This is the latest digital technology and picture quality has to be seen to be believed! It can connect to a computer for storage of single frames and uses special digital tapes. This is the ultimate machine for professional video recordings and certainly, the smallest video recorder in the world.



Sony mini Digital video recorder
This model of Sony's digital recorder is the same as the model above but has the
added facility of a built in color screen allowing the user to monitor or play back
on one machine.
PRICE: 795.00 / $1,224.00


Smallest video transmitter in the world and receiver
This video and audio transmitter and receiver set is truly unique. The transmitter
 measures just 30 X 25 X 6mm, not much bigger than a postage stamp. It can be
 powered by a small 9 volt transistor radio battery or any 12 volt power source and
it incorporates a subminiature switch to enable the transmitter to operate on four
 different channels. It will transmit crystal clear colour or black & white from any
of our cameras with audio to the dedicated four channel receiver illustrated
 above. The receiver can be powered by 12 volts mains adaptor or any standard
battery pack. A transmitting range of up to 300 metres can be achieved and up to
 four transmitters can be used with one receiver. The transmitter draws very
 small current enabling long battery life and it's miniature size coupled with the
advantage of using the transmitter with a small battery makes concealment
    inside very small items easy. 
PRICE: Receiver...175.00....$282.00
PRICE: Transmitter...175.00....$282.00


Ladies handbag with camera and mic
This is a high quality ladies handbag concealing a high resolution  hidden colour
 camera and microphone.  Even under close examination, nothing unusual can be
seen. The bag can be used with one of our mini video recorders or any of our
 transmitters and receivers for excellent covert video and audio recordings. The
 style may vary slightly from the illustration shown depending on availability.
PRICE: 295.00 / $470.00