Satellite tracking system:

  1. Global Positioning System: (GPS) No licence or subscription needed.
  2. Dual band mobile phone mother card: Insert any SIM card from any mobile network over the world (Except US PCS 1900 MHz).
    1. Sends on request a text message (SMS) with the vehicle position. No need for data transfer option.
    2. Dual band (900 and 1800 MHz).
  3. 12 Volt DC:
    1. from the car battery if the system is fitted permanently on the vehicle.
    2. On a 12 V battery.
  4. How does it work ?
    1. Continuously, the GPS calculates the vehicle position within a 10 metres radius.
    2. To know the vehicle position, send a text message to the system with a secret Pin code. It will text you back with the exact location (longitude & latitude).
    3. When fitted permanently on the vehicle, you can also activate the output using an other secret Pin code to operate the car functions if the car has been stolen (central locking, power steering...).
    4. As an option we can provide you with a localisation software which will point directly to the vehicle location once you enter the longitude and latitude. (European map: covers all the major European cities with street names).