Budget Priced Room and Telephone Transmitters

All the room and telephone transmitters below are supplied with full instructions and can be received on
an airband receiver, (110 - 125MHz. fm.) These receivers can be found on our receiver
page. Unless stated, all the transmitters below can be simply re-tuned and picked up on an ordinary
fm. radio and the instructions to do this are sent with the transmitters.


Miniature room transmitter TX4
This is our latest budget priced miniature room transmitter. It is powered by a
PP3 9volt battery which lasts up to 6 day's and will pick up conversations
up to 30 feet away and transmit up to a distance of 500 metres with
amazing clarity to one of our airband receivers or can be set to be received
on an ordinary fm radio.The TX4 Hp is an advanced higher powered version giving more range and better pickup.
PRICE: 27.00 / $45.00 High Power Version 48.00/ $69


Worlds smallest room transmitter.
This amazing transmitter is state of the art in low cost room bugs. Of Japanese design,
this tiny device measuring just 40 X 10 X 10mm is powered by just one small
watch type battery. It's tiny size concealment easy anywhere and
it will pick up all conversations in a large room and transmit up to a distance of
300 metres with amazing clarity. This really is the smallest transmitter in the
world and the quality of sound is incredible.
PRICE: 69.00 / $110.00


Mains adaptor transmitter (UK only)
This transmitter is a fully functional two way mains adaptor. It is capable of
picking up conversations in a large room and transmitting crystal clear
conversations up to a distance of 500 metres. This adaptor transmitts
on the airband frequency or can be ordered to transmit to an ordinary fm
PRICE: 58.00 / $98.00


Miniature telephone transmitter
This is our latest powerful low cost telephone transmitter. It simply connects to the
telephone line, in a telephone socket or in the telephone itself. When connected
it will transmit crystal clear conversations to a receiver up to a distance of 500
metres away. It is fully tunable for airband or fm reception.
PRICE: 36.00 / $58.00


Smallest telephone transmitter in the world
This amazing little bug is the smallest telephone transmitter in the world. It measures
just 10 X 10mm and connects anywhere along the telephone line, inside the phone
or socket itself. When the telephone is in use, it can transmit up to a distance of 1000
metres away with amazing clarity and is tunable for airband or fm.
PRICE: 49.00 / $79.00


Telephone adaptor transmitter
For quick and simple installation, the telephone adaptor transmitter is
ideal. Two models are available, the UK or USA types. It is simply inserted
into a telephone socket and the phone plugged into the adaptor. It will then
 transmit all incoming and outgoing calls to an airband receiver.
PRICE: 35.00 / $58.00