Miscellaneous Spy Equipment

This page contains our latest spy surveillance equipment including: The advanced digital frequency counters spy cell phone and RF bug detector locators. Part of our vast range of covert electronic audio & video spy shop devices.



GSM spy cell phone


This unique device is a fully functional GSM cell phone. It uses a standard sim card and will work in every country in the world. It has two modes of operation which is programmed using the keypad. The first mode enables the telephone to operate as an ordinary cell phone but when used in the spy mode, the telephone is called and will answer immediately without any ringing so it will not alert anyone. The caller can then hear all conversations and on ending the call, the phone resumes standby. The phone supplied is a Nokia 8210 which is one of the latest and smallest telephones available. It comes complete with battery, charger and full instruction manual.










This is our budget priced frequency counter. It will detect any transmitter including two way radio's, video transmitters and display the exact frequency. It incorporates a signal strength display to enable the user to pin point a transmitters exact location and operates between 1MHz - 3GHz.  Once the frequency has been determined, the user is then able to enter this into a scanner or other suitable receiver to monitor the transmitter. This unit is straight forward to use and comes with built in ni-cad batteries and a charger.







This is the ultimate in frequency counters. It is an excellent aid in finding and locating hidden transmitters or monitoring the exact frequency of any type of transmitter.  It's has a wide range coverage of 1MHz - 3GHz and uses built in ni-cad batteries. It features Ultra sensitive synchronous detector 16 section bar graph to show signal strength and automatically holds and tunes ICOM CI-V or AOR scanners or our RF detector below.  This counter is extremely sensitive and will display the frequency, depending on the transmitter type at great distances.








This receiver \ detector is the latest advance in nearfield fm testing with received signal strength indication. It is capable of detecting and locating all transmitters in the 30MHz - 2GHz range with crystal clear audio. It has inbuilt speaker and earphone, features a 5 segment LED bar graph to show relative signal strength, Lock indicator to display signal reception and uses in built nicads. Other features include: volume and squelch controls, skip button and auto hold switch. It works well when connected to our Professional frequency counter to instantly monitor and display the transmitters frequency. Basically, this device will detect any transmitter and allow the user to hear via the speaker or earphone. It will also allow the user to pin point the bugs location using the LED bar graph.