Telephone Conversation Recorders


Sony twin speed telephone recorder
This is our latest & most popular telephone recorder. It boasts twin speed operation 2 hours for
standard play or 6 hours for long play. Another addition is the 12 hour recording and
playback version. These superb machines simply plug into any existing socket and automatically start
recording both sides of the telephone conversation as soon as the handset is picked up
and when the call has finished, they simply return to standby mode. The quality of recordings on all
speeds is crystal clear & has to be heard to be believed. There are no clicks or tones to give its presence away.
PRICE: 6 hour 59.00 / $98.00
PRICE: 12 hour 89.00 / $148.00


Pocket size telephone recorder
This Sanyo telephone recorder was developed to use in situations where small size is an important
requirement. This is a fully automatic pocket sized telephone recorder. It can be plugged
into any socket to automatically record both sides of the conversation. There are
two models available, standard 2 hour recording and playback or 6 hour long play.
PRICE: standard play 59.00 / $95.00
PRICE: Long play 74.00 / $123.00


Mobile phone recording adaptor
With this ingenious little device, the user inserts the earpiece into his ear and connects
the plug to a recorder. Then when using a mobile or in fact any other type of phone in
the normal way, the recorder will record both sides of the conversation with amazing
clarity. Works well with any of our recorders and most ordinary recorders.
PRICE: 39.00 / $64.00