Long Range Tracking Devices

Long Range Tracking Kit:

A revolutionary tracking system as sold for thousands by other companies.

The complete kit is composed of a small transmitter (just 80 gramms with its battery) and a receiver. The receiver, with a set of LEDs will pinpoint the direction of the transmitter while also emitting a higher pitch. If the transmitter is in motion the signal will be transmitted each second. Otherwise the system will receive a signal each 10 seconds.

It has an amazing capability of up to 6 miles (10 km) in rural areas and up to 2.5 miles (4 km) in built up areas. The distance is indicated by the transmitter signal strength. The transmitter can be switched ON and OFF by the receiver.

The transmitter has a battery life of 20 days.

The receiver is capable of picking up 99 transmitters.

Complete set:

Price £950.00 ... US$1550.00

Additional transmitter:

Price £499.00... US$795.00



Digital Satellite positioning tracking device:

The ultimate technological system for any tracking. This very compact system (size of a pack of cigarettes) includes a Global Positioning System (GPS) and a dual band mobile phone card.

Thanks to its dual band mobile phone card, it works in any country in the world. Track the vehicle from your office to anywhere in the world.

The system will pinpoint the vehicule within a 10 meter radius.

Click here for the full specifications:

Dual band: Price £595.00.....US$955.00

Tri band: (allcountries including USA): £795.00.... US$1275.00

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